Phystech IT-cluster
Non-profit partnership on the development of IT business around
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (a.k.a. Phystech)
The leading Russian IT-companies have united
to make Phystech the best place for IT
We founded our cluster to facilitate IT education and provide new opportunities for students, startups and corporations, unleashing the potential of MIPT and its wide network of scientific and business partners
Outstanding Incoming Talent
Moscow institute of Physics and Technology gathers the best students from Russia & CIS, resulting in the highest entry exam score among Russian universities. The majority of past winners of olympiads in physics, mathematics and computer science apply for education at MIPT as well.
Superior Education
Students are taught by leading scientists and employees of tech companies, getting both up-to-date practical skills and solid theoretical knowledge in physics, maths and computer science.
Strong industry connections
Phystech is recognized as #1 source of talent for tech industry in Russia and is well-known by global IT-companies. With alumni at both large corporations and promising startups, the connection between MIPT and the tech industry is very strong.
Nobel laureates studied and worked at the university; 17000+ PhD and 6000+ DSc. graduated from there

tech companies have joint departments at MIPT, including Yandex,, Intel, NetCracker, ABBYY, Parallels, Acronis
worth of total assets were created in last 20 years by MIPT graduates who founded their own businesses
Together with MIPT and Phystech Union, its powerful alumni club, we created Phystechpark –
IT-technopark where students, startups and tech corporations can place their teams and find resources for accelerated development.

Phystechpark is a 30,000 sqm multipurpose-building located in the northern part of Moscow
(just a 10 minute walk from MIPT).
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and become part of powerful tech community developed around the best Russian tech university – Phystech
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